Solana blockchain went offline for six hours due to unknown error

On December 4, at 16:46 Moscow time, blocks were no longer produced in the Solana blockchain. The problem was solved only after six hours, but the developers did not report the reasons for the network shutdown.

“At approximately 1:46 UTC on December 4, the Solana Mainnet Beta validator cluster stopped producing blocks on slot 53 180 900. The Solana team is actively working to restart the network. There is no risk to funds, ”the Solana developers wrote on Twitter.

After the blockchain stopped working, the development team asked the validators to cooperate and restart the network. However, it took six hours to restart Solana’s mainnet. 

At the same time, the instructions that were sent to the validators did not indicate the reason for the network shutdown. The reasons were not named later. The developers have promised to publish more details later.

The Solana network was restored on December 4 at 10:32 pm Moscow time. Validators started producing blocks again, and user funds were not affected. However, the SOL cryptocurrency rate fell by 10%.

In early October, Solana developers launched a two-way gateway to the Ethereum network, which allows the exchange of ERC-20 tokens for SPL tokens for use in decentralized financing applications.

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