Ripple Co-Founder Funds CCTV Installation in San Francisco

Ripple co-founder
Ripple co-founder and billionaire Chris Larsen has paid for the installation of hundreds of CCTV cameras in San Francisco to “deter crime against property.”

According to the New York Times, Larsen “paid for the launch of a private network of high-definition security cameras throughout the city. They are so high-quality that with an increase you can see the smallest details – a sticker on a smartphone, a brand of a backpack or the color of a person’s eyes. ”

The former Ripple CEO launched his initiative back in 2012. Currently, it maintains a network of more than 1,000 surveillance cameras and pays for the activities of public organizations that control these cameras.

“Larsen also sponsors the well-known non-profit organization SF Safe, which supports district militia groups and the police department,” notes the New York Times.

Cameras, funded by former Ripple CEO, span 135 districts. Note that the state of Chris Larsen is estimated at $ 1.3 billion, and in 2018 he even entered the Forbes 400 list.

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