Litecoin Developers Launch MimbleWimble Protocol On Testnet

The development and implementation of the privacy and scalability protocol MimbleWimble for Litecoin continues – the developers have launched the MWEB testnet with support for the new protocol.

According to an article in the project’s blog, there are only a few nodes currently connected to the test network, and the MimbleWimble protocol will be enabled as soon as enough nodes are connected to the network. To do this, the developers will try to facilitate the connection of new users to the test network, and provide more detailed documentation.

“There are still many problem areas in the code that have not been tested. In the next month we will work on them and check all the missed consensus rules. Once I’m happy with the code, I’ll start looking for a hack to test the testnet for vulnerabilities, ”writes developer David Burkett.

Recall that the MimbleWimble protocol uses anonymous transactions and allows you to hide the volume of the cryptocurrency, as well as the forwarding addresses. In addition, it makes it possible to significantly increase the anonymity of the cryptocurrency and increase scalability. The fact that Litecoin developers plan to implement support for the technology became known back in the fall of 2019.

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