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Fork browser Brave changed its name under pressure from the creators of the original project


Independent developers creating a fork of the Brave browser without ads and a BAT token changed the name of their browser from Braver to Bold due to pressure from the creators of the original project.

The Braver browser, which appeared as a result of the Brave fork , is now called the Bold Browser. The browser development team reported that the name change was caused by “legal threats” due to the fact that the name “Braver” is too similar to “Brave”. The developers wrote:

“In connection with legal threats directed by one of the members of our community by a certain party, and especially after threats to inflict financial damage, we immediately change the name and eliminate all associations with“ a browser whose name cannot be called ”.

Brendan Eich, CEO of the original Brave team, said on Twitter that Brave had indeed taken legal action against the Braver fork for illegally using the trademark. He said:

“We protect our trademarks like Mozilla and other trademark holders. This has nothing to do with the open source code we use for our browser code, and the fact that we welcome requests for the inclusion of code and forks on Github. An open source license does not give a trademark right, these are legally unrelated things. ”

A team of independent developers decided to release their own version of the Brave decentralized browser without affiliate links, adware and the Basic Attention (BAT) token shortly after the information appeared about redirecting Brave users to the built-in affiliate links to cryptocurrency exchanges when entering the site name in the address bar.

Subsequently, the Brave team officially apologized for the story with referral links. Brave developers said the autocomplete feature that directs users to affiliate links will be removed.

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