Ethereum Foundation will assemble a dedicated Ethereum 2.0 security team

Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake said the organization is creating a dedicated team to secure Ethereum 2.0.

Recruitment of candidates for the new team has already begun – for this, applicants need to send their resume to the address indicated in Drake’s message . The group will work on potential economic threats and challenges for the next generation of Ethereum. 

The Ethereum Foundation hopes to recruit a team of versatile cybersecurity and auditing professionals who will investigate both the update code itself and the Ethereum 2.0 architecture.

In addition to theoretical work and formal verification of cryptographic algorithms, the team will engage in practical testing. One way is to use random and useless datasets to provoke a non-standard program response. A significant part of software errors occurs precisely when using non-standard data types, and this method helps to identify these errors.

Ethereum 2.0 is now in its final stages, albeit behind schedule. Initially, it was assumed that the zero phase of the update will be launched in early 2020, but recently the start of the update was postponed to November 4. According to the founder of the popular MyEtherWallet wallet Kosala Hemachandra, the full launch of Ethereum 2.0 will take place no earlier than 2022.

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