Elliptic: “part of the bitcoins obtained by hacking Twitter was transferred to Wasabi Wallet”

Elliptic analyst firm reported that 22% of the bitcoins received by scammers during the recent hacking of popular Twitter accounts were transferred to the Wasabi Wallet wallet.

Recall that on the evening of July 15, hackers gained access to internal Twitter tools, with the help of which they were able to hack a large number of popular social network accounts. Attackers posted messages about the distribution of bitcoins – users were asked to send their BTC to the specified wallet and, as part of the action, bitcoins would be doubled. Thus, the hackers were able to get 12.86 BTC and 2.89 of them were sent to Wasabi Wallet.

Elliptic used its groundwork in defining “transactional templates” in order to identify the ownership of the address to which the funds were sent to Wasabi Wallet. The choice of this wallet is not accidental – it allows you to use transaction mixing to hide transfers, so it is not possible to track where the funds were transferred later.

Now scammers are trying to cash out the received bitcoins. Since most cryptocurrency platforms can trace the path of the cryptocurrency to the scammer’s wallet and block the funds, hackers use mixing to complicate this task. After the hack, Twitter representatives reported that the hackers used “social engineering” to gain access to the company’s internal tools.

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