ConsenSys accused of intellectual property theft

Fintech-based Canada-based BlockCrushr sues ConsenSys for intellectual property theft.

BlockCrushr accused ConsenSys of launching a regular payment platform based on ETH “Daisy Payments” just a day before the launch of BlockCrushr’s own similar platform. BlockCrushr claims that ConsenSys gained full access to its technologies and plans during the company’s development at the ConsenSys incubator. BlockCrushr was a member of the ConsenSys Tachyon Accelerator program.

“Defendants launched Daisy Payments using trade secrets that Burke and Redden revealed during the Tachyon Accelerator program,” a BlockCrushr statement said.

Plaintiffs acknowledge that ConsenSys invested $ 100,000 in BlockCrushr to launch the platform. After starting participation in the Tachyon Accelerator program in 2018, the founders of the startup moved to California. They provided full access “to any marketing, financial, technical and strategic information, as well as to the platform code and their own technical solution.”

However, according to the lawsuit, in early March 2019 ConsenSys suddenly interrupted all communication with BlockCrushr and the startup team. The company did not transfer the promised funds, so the startup had to reduce part of the employees. Plaintiffs demand a permanent injunction against Daisy Payments, damages and court costs, as well as payment of profits from stolen technology.

Recall that earlier, Australian Craig Wright (Craig Wright) threatened to sue the developers of Bitcoin Core, accusing them of infringing on his intellectual property.

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