Chainlink Node Operators Spent 700 ETH to Resist Spam Attack

On August 30, a spam attack was carried out on the Chainlink price oracle network – cybercriminals generated a mass of requests to network nodes to cause interruptions in work.

According to Rory Piant, director of communications at Chainlink Labs, despite all the efforts of the attackers, there were no interruptions in the operation of price oracles, and the network worked within the specified parameters. The attack lasted for several hours, but did not affect the network.

However, node operators had to increase their transaction fees to make them run faster. Operators themselves decided to increase commissions in order to maintain their reputation as reliable data providers. This led to significant expenses – in total, operators lost about 700 ETH (more than $ 335,000) on commissions.

According to other sources, node operators not only increased transaction fees, but only processed requests for certain popular applications. Thus, some legitimate applications were unable to obtain the required data.

Recall that in late August, Chainlink Labs acquired the privacy-focused DECO oracle protocol, created by developers at Cornell University.

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