Beijing government: “140 public service applications use blockchain”

The Beijing government has released the first detailed blockchain application implementation plan for public services. In 140 applications, technology is already in use.

According to a local media publication , the Beijing government is preparing to launch a project to introduce blockchain in public services in China. According to the plan, 140 applications of public services are already working on the blockchain. 

These applications fall into three categories: “distribution and exchange of data”, “joint data processing” and “storage of electronic certificates”. The government spokesman said:

“Blockchain is a breakthrough in data exchange, which is difficult to implement in a traditional way. For example, in the framework of “storing electronic certificates”, electronic certificates are stored on the blockchain, which increases the reliability and efficiency of verification. ”

The blockchain system for registering real estate includes eleven sectors, including a municipal planning commission, a housing and rural development commission, a tax office, and a public security bureau. A government spokesman said:

“The relevant departments will be engaged in real estate registration and will store the necessary information on the blockchain to ensure trust in the electronic license to implement traceability of the data sharing process.”

China is increasingly using blockchain to increase the effectiveness of various services. It has recently become known that Shanxi Province of China uses blockchain to manage resources during construction.

Earlier this month, several courts in China began using a blockchain-based electronic stamp system to track and seal real estate. In June, it also became known that the Chinese city of Nanjing issued $ 54 million consumer vouchers on the blockchain.

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