A book with all the letters and messages of Satoshi Nakamoto was published in the USA

Mill Hill Books has released Kicking the Hornet’s Nest, which contains all of Satoshi Nakamoto’s emails, forum posts, and other entries in chronological order.

The 340-page book, according to the publisher, includes all the records of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, ever published on the Internet. The title of the book, Kicking the Hornet’s Nest: The Complete Writings, Emails, and Forum Posts of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Founder of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, can literally be translated as Hornet’s Nest: Full Texts, Emails, and Forum Posts of Satoshi Nakamoto, Founder Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies “. The print edition sells for $ 29.

All entries are collected in chronological order “with almost no editorial comments.” Sources for the book include,, letters from the cryptocurrency mailing list, personal emails to and from Dustin Trammel, and personal emails from Mike Hearn and Hal Finney ).

There is a commentary in the “From the Editor” section explaining the reason for the book’s release. The editor writes that ten years later, those in power began to get carried away with the idea of ​​cryptocurrency and “accept the inevitability” of this technology.

“As a child, my brother and I ran into a hornet’s nest from time to time when we played in the forest,” writes the editor. “We threw a stone at him or kicked him. It’s not rational, but too tempting and too fun. And when you do something like that, you do it quickly, and then get away with your feet as quickly as possible. “

The book editor writes about a number of characteristic features that distinguish Satoshi Nakamoto’s letters, such as the double space at the end of a sentence. In addition, Satoshi was distinguished by politeness, clear communication, thoughtfulness. This is a person or group of people who “value privacy”. The book contains 539 Nakamoto messages from the forum and 34 publicly known emails.

Recall that in November, a study was released, according to which Satoshi Nakamoto could lead the development of Bitcoin in London. Substantial Films  planned  to release a film about Satoshi Nakamoto titled “Decrypted” later this year, but the coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to the studio’s plans.

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